First Man (2018)

May 24th “First Man” 7.30 USA|2018|Dir: Damien Chazelle Cert: 15|141 mins|Genre: Historical Drama Cast: Ryan Gosling|Claire Foy|Jason Clarke|Corey Stoll The script of First Man by Spotlight’s Josh Singer turns what on paper looks like a standard ‘American Hero’ tale into something more thoughtful and moving. Neil Armstrong balances family loyalty against duty and battles his […]

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Nae Pasaran (2018)

  May 10th “Nae Pasaran” 7.30 UK/Chile|2018|Dir: Felipe Bustos Sierra Cert: PG|96 mins|Genre: Documentary Cast: Bob Fulton|Stuart Barrie|John Keenan|Robert Somerville In East Kilbride in 1974, Bob Fulton an engineer working for Rolls Royce realises that the eight Hawker Hunter engines they are servicing belong to the fascist junta in Chile. With the co-operation of fellow […]

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