The Wife (2018)

  March 22nd “The Wife” 7.30 USA/ Sweden|2018|Dir: Bjorn Runge Cert: 15|100 mins|Genre: Drama Cast: Glenn Close|Jonathon Price|Max Irons|Christian Slater. Joan has spent forty years sacrificing her own talent, to support her husband Joe in his literary career. With undiminished grace and humour, she has put up with his infidelities and boorish behaviour. Joe’s nomination […]

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The Square (2017)

  March 8th “The Square” 7.30 Sweden / Germany |2017|Dir: Ruben Oslund Cert: 15|151 mins|Genre: Drama, Comedy Cast: Claes Bang|Elisabeth Moss|Dominic West. Christian, the curator of a contemporary art museum in Stockholm, commissions The Square, a daring installation examining our duty to help others. When Christian becomes the victim of a scam, his own altruism […]

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