Last Night’s Poor Sound:Apologies

Screen Shot 2018-04-28 at 14.46.52

Our apologies for the sound quality on last night’s film “Film Stars don’t Die in Liverpool”.  Regular patrons will know that we take sound quality very seriously, and have, over the years, researched and made improvements to equipment, speaker positioning and amplifier and decoder calibration.

We’re always going to be fighting the Town Hall’s basic acoustic properties, however.

Following investigation this morning, it has been found that last night’s problem  was caused by interference (by persons currently unidentified).

The A/V amplifier (like the one pictured), had been moved so that the sound profile selector buttons were hard up against the cabinet. In effect this changed the sound profile every few seconds. The majority of the available sound profiles are unusable in the hall due to it’s odd acoustic properties, some are stereo, some are surround sound, some use all the speakers, some only use 2 or 3.

The result of this was that the film soundtrack sounded atrocious.

We will be completely checking and re-calibrating the system before our next screening (Goodbye Christopher Robin: May 1th). We will also be looking at how we can improve the security of our equipment.

In the meantime, we apologise if this problem interfered with your enjoyment of the film.

We’d also like to remind you that the film is available for loan from the Cinema’s free Film Library.